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Welcome. I'm Tahnee, a freelance editor, translator and artist based in Amsterdam. I help people improve their Dutch or English texts, and I make paintings and mixed media artworks.

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Artist Biography

Tahnee Jaftoran is a self-taught artist from Amsterdam. Her paintings are an exploration of the human psyche, particularly our sense of self, and that self in relation to others and our surroundings. She draws inspiration from her own emotional experiences and those of others who share their stories with her. Through the use of acrylics on canvas or wood she makes a visual representation of the infinite complexities of the human experience. Her style is a mix of street art, (sur)realism, psychedelia and sci-fi art.  Most paintings are set against a backdrop that tells a story about the subject’s state of mind. They are surrounded by their mood and emotions. Sometimes this expression is symbolic, other times it’s more vague and abstract, consisting mostly of forms and colors. Often a work contains both, seeing as our minds are inherently inconsistent, both literal and vague, metaphoric and realistic, up and down, beautiful and ugly, black and white.  In a hurried and hyperconnected society focused on shallow impressions of others, her work sparks the question whether we would treat each other differently, if we could see everyone's inner life this vividly.


06/2023 - PopUp-Co, group exhibition, Open Oost 

01/2023 - Beeld en Storm, group exhibition, Culturele Stelling van Amsterdam 




In all my textual work I aim for a balance between creativity and practicality. 'Sure, but what does that even mean?', you might think. Well, my main objective is to help you get your message across in the best way possible for the intended audience. Still, I provide a bit more than your standard text service. I'd like to think of mine as freeform/creative editing and translation. However, if your project needs drastic adjustments, I will always communicate this beforehand.  My style is generally informal, but if your project needs strict adherence to a specific style, I've got your back as well. Prior to freelancing I worked mainly with medical and technical content, which often requires a formal approach. Through these types of projects I gained experience in (re)writing texts that are more or less stylistically fixed. Most of my current clients are in the creative, sports or nonprofit sector. I'm also an academic editor at Scribbr and open to volunteer projects. Let's exchange ideas if you have an interesting project. Scroll down to send me a quick message or find me on LinkedIn.

 Rate: EUR 0,09 per word, for all services (translating EN <> DU), editing, proofreading, subtitling)


Supersnelle service en bruikbare terugkoppeling m.b.t. het verbeteren van het document!

Super quick service and useful feedback on improving the document!

Karen de Jong,  HR Officer // Urban Gym Group

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